Licensure Guide

We operate nationally and continue to grow each day. We are dedicated to elevating, empowering, and serving our healthcare professionals, clients and patients in their communities. 

Our vision is to be the leading healthcare staffing agency for procedure-based travel healthcare professionals by focusing on quality care and local communities nationwide. 

StateTemp Processing timeTemp CostPerm Processing TimePerm CostWebsite LinkPortal LinkTemporary License LinkPermanent License Link
Alabama3-4 days$50 2- 4 weeks$100 LinkLog into portalLog into portal
Alaska9-11 weeks$50 7-8 weeks$200 LinkLink
Arizona30 Business days$50 8-12 weeks$150 LinkLink
Arkansas2 weeks$30 2 weeks$125 LinkLink
California8-10 weeks$100 10-12 weeks$350 LinkLinkLog into portalLog into portal
Colorado8 weeksno fee8 weeks$88 LinkLink
Connecticut15 business days$180 4 weeks$180 LinkLink
Delaware7- 14 Business days$40 1-2 months$170 LinkLink
Floridawithin 30 days$110 no set time frame usually within 30 days$110 LinkLink
Georgia20 Business daysno fee20 business days$50 LinkLink
Hawaii15-20 Business days$50 15- 20 business days$146 - $202LinkLink
Idaho4 weeks$25 8 weeks$138 LinkLink
Illinois14 days$25 4-6 weeks$50 LinkLink
Indiana2-4 weeks$10 3-8 weeks$50 LinkLink
Iowa5 business days$169 2-3 weeks$200 LinkLink
Kansas2 weeks$75 2 weeks$100 LinkLink
Kentucky14 Business days$165 14 business days$165 LinkLink
Louisiana4-6 weeks$100 4-6 weeks$141 LinkLink
Maine1-2 weeks$75 1-2 weeks$75 LinkLink
Maryland48-72 Hours$40 4-6 weeks$100 LinkLink
Massachusetts4-6 weeksno fee/ no temp4-6 weeks$275 LinkLink
Michigan3-6 weeks$125 4-6 weeks$208 LinkLink
Minnesota2-5 business days$105.00 5 business days$105.00 LinkLink
Mississippi3 business days$25 7-10 business days$100 LinkLink
Missouri5-7 Business days$55 5-7 business days$60 LinkLog into portal
Montana30 Business daysno temp30 business days$200 LinkLink
Nebraska weeks$0 8-10 weeks$123 LinkBLog into portal
Nevada2-4 business days$105 2-4 months$105 LinkLink
New Hampshire4-6 weeks$20 8 weeks$148 LinkLink
New Jersey8-12 weeksno temp8-12 weeks$200 LinkLink
New Mexico2-3 weeks$60 4-6 weeks$150 LinkLink
New York4-6 weeksno temp4-6 weeks$143 LinkLink
North Carolina2-3 weeks$150 4-6 weeks$150 LinkLink
North Dakota7-10 Business days$170 7-10 business days$170 LinkLink
Ohio1-2 weeks$0 6 weeks$75 LinkLink
Oklahoma2-4 weeks$95 2-4 weeks$85 LinkLink
Oregon3-6 weeksno temp3-6 weeks$204 LinkLink
Pennsylvania70 Business days$70 70 Business days$120 LinkLink
Rhode Island4 weeks$135 8 weeks$135 LinkLink
South Carolina14 business days$10 14 business days $100 LinkLink
South Dakota4-6 weeks$25 4-6 weeks$100 LinkLink
Tennessee6 weeks$0 6 weeks$115 LinkLink
Texas2 weeks$0 2 weeks$186 LinkLink
Utah2-4 weeks$0 2-4 weeks$100 LinkLink
Vermont3-5 Business days$0 3-5 business days$150 LinkLink
Virginia10 Business days$0 10 Business days$190 LinkLink
Washington2- 3 weeks$0 8 weeks$120 LinkLink
West Virginia5-7 Business days$25 14 business days$100 LinkLink
Wisconsin7-15 Business days$10 3 weeks$82 LinkLink
Wyoming10-14 Business days$0 may take up to 90 days$195 LinkLink

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